We make podcasts and films that amplify voices which we rarely get to hear - those of the Global South, the diasporas, the ordinary folks in extraordinary circumstances, telling us their stories in their own words.

We believe that, in a time of identity politics, tribalism, and mass migration, the one thing that can bring us together is the act of listening to each other’s stories, and starting conversations that reveal our similarities, and celebrate our differences. 

So we are lighting a campfire to gather people from many corners of the world, and hear them tell us about who they are, what matters to them, and what’s happening in their lives.



We've got a few, really cool podcasts in our pipeline. 

Curious? Get in touch and we'll tell you as much as we can, without having to kill you. 


We’re quite mixed up here, and that’s a good thing. 

Yasir grew up in India, the Middle East, and Canada. Jasmin  was born in Kuwait to a German mom and Egyptian dad, and grew up between Europe and North Africa. Laurentiu  is a Romanian, who’s lived in Germany, and has reported from all but one continent 


The three of us have been in the audio, video, and digital storytelling business for a few decades. We’ve lived and worked around the world, meeting some of the planet’s most underserved people, and telling our audiences their stories - from refugee camps in Australia and Asia, to fake news in Africa, to war in the Middle East, to trafficked women in Europe.

Our focus here at Storystan is to do more and more of what we’re good at - produce impactful stories that spark important conversations.



Reach out to us on social, or email us:  info[at]storystan.com

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