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We're currently working on producing some pilot episodes for "How I got so mixed up".


what is this about?

We live in a time of identity politics, tribalism, mass migrations, and black-and-white thinking. People of diverse backgrounds are coming into contact with each other, on a grand scale, every day - be it for economic, environmental or geopolitical reasons. Many of them are having children together. 

With this podcast we want to tell the story of how people from different corners of the world come together, fall in love, and create their mixed-race multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, families. 

This is where you come in

We're looking for unusual stories of people with a mixed-race/multi-ethnic background. Think of people (or maybe yourself) who are often encountered by the question "How did that happen? How/Where did your parents meet?" For example, maybe you're half-Indian, half-Nigerian, or half-Yemeni, half-Thai? 

The goal is to have Jasmin, our host and lead-producer of the show come spend time with you and your parents for a few days and follow you and your family along with a microphone and maybe a camera. 

Do you know anyone? Or are you maybe that someone? 
If yes, get in touch with us or reach out to us on our social channels (Twitter, Instagram). We can't wait to make this happen. 

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